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Bee decline linked to falling biodiversity Beehive before and after
Beehive before and after CCD
Varroa mite infestation could be made worse by lower bee immunity
The global bee population is declining at a rapid rate. Bees are responsible for pollinating approximately one third of the global food supplies and of the ...
The rapid decline of the honeybee: Time for a plan bee
A queen bee scurries toward the bottom left corner of a frame of capped cells containing
bee on a yellow flower
Honeybees are busy workers, but they don't like bumping into one another
Impact of pesticide on bees and beehive
honeybee hive entrance
No birds, just bees. Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian
A honey bee packs pollen from this almond tree blossom before returning to her hive.
Bee biodiversity farming
A bee pollinates a blossom in the almond orchard on Paramount Farms in McFarland,
2015-05-06 15.46.28-1
Research has again linked the low level sue of neonicotinoids to bee colony collapse disorder.
... opposition from the chemical industry, the evidence that there is a direct link between the use of neonicotinoids and declining bee numbers is mounting.
A queen bee scurries toward the bottom left corner of a frame of capped cells containing
Josh Miller/CNET
Can urban bees provide insight into colony collapse disorder?
Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument home to rich bee diversity
Spanish honey production drops, as disappearing bees continue to sound alarm bells
The western bumblebee (Bombus occidentalis) is one of several North American bumblebee species that has suffered sharp declines in recent years.
Michelle Thompson adds sugar water into her new hive, which helps sustain the bees while they get settled.
how to support bees and bee hives
How the bee decline affects Delmarva agriculture
Smart beehives
Bee Hives
Interaction of bee stressors (Science, 2015)
New beekeepers hold the key to the future of honeybees
On Canadian farms, almost 800,000 honeybee colonies are in active duty this year. That's about 10 percent more than in 2016, which was another record year.
You're Worrying About the Wrong Bees
queen bee
David Dodwell
Pakistan is losing its honey bees to climate change
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Host A Hive Cincinnati Ohio Honey Bees Swarm
Buzzing for Solutions: 13 Organizations and Initiatives Helping to Save Bees
Varroa destructor on a honey bee host
Two ...
bee hives
Art Barker is a beekeeper with 3B Honeybee, a company trying to bring back Vancouver's bee population by installing hives across the city. photo Dan ...
Royal Pains: Why Queen Honeybees Are Living Shorter, Less Productive Lives
Third of all honeybee colonies in England did not survive winter | Environment | The Guardian
Bees working in Portland, Maine.
Oregon State University bee researchers collect "nurse bees" from hives outside on August 5, 2014 in Corvallis, Oregon
'Gold standard' assessing neonicotinoids: Field bee hive studies find pesticides not major source of health issues
Visit to a bee colony in West Virginia
The notion that a decline ...
A dangerous parasite poses a threat to honey bee health
World bee project collaboration ...
Controlling the impact of the managed honeybee on wild bees in protected areas | Scientific Reports
WATCH: Bees 'go online' in Manchester
This article was originally published in March 2014. What has been the role of Monsanto in the loss of of the global honeybee population.
James Lawson, Rhode Island's state apiary inspector, routinely checks honeybee hives, such as
The story of bees is a complicated one. It's not simply about the decline and disappearance of bee species we're seeing today; it's a story about the way ...
Regular journeys to the beehives and unnecessary disturbances of the busy bees are avoided thanks to the IoT technology used. Download (jpg, 1.1 MB)
The study looked at bee ...
bee hive.
Smith Collection/Gado / Getty Images. Wild honeybees forage on the diversity ...
Hive Mentalities
Honey bees are essential to food production, and yet we continue to lose hives at
bee pollinator
The Great Yellow Bumblebee. Photograph: John Breen
Beekeeping and Bee Conservation
Individual Worker Honey Bee Life Cycle The entire bee hive has an annual cycle from spring to fall, with a less active winter phase.
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A honeybee
Rob Keller, founder of Napa Valley Bee Company, dates each frame to monitor honey production; he recruited his 12-year-old son to help with this group, ...
In essence, without the indispensable activity of pollinators, around 71 million people could suffer from malnutrition due to vitamin A deficiency, ...
Queen Mating
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